Smart and Stylish: 10 Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Riya D.    July 08, 2023

Use hooks and racks to maximize vertical space.

Wall-mounted storage

Utilize a mobile cart for extra storage and workspace.

Rolling cart

Image Credit: Ubuy India

Save cabinet space by sticking spices to a magnetic surface.

Magnetic spice jars

Image Credit: Pinterest

Expand counter space with a cutting board that fits over the sink.

Over-the-sink cutting board

Image Credit: Zuhne

Free up cabinet space by hanging cookware from a ceiling rack.

Hanging pots and pans

Optimize cabinet storage with tiered shelves for easy access.

Tiered shelving

Image Credit: West Elm

Attach storage pockets to cabinet doors for additional space.

Door-mounted organizers

Image Credit: Ubuy India

Store food and ingredients in stackable containers to save space.

Stackable containers

Choose slim, space-saving appliances designed for small kitchens.

Slim appliances

Save counter space with a collapsible dish drying rack.

Foldable dish drying rack

Image Credit: Kulina