10 Must-Try DIY Solutions for Wooden Furniture Care

Riya D.    July 04, 2023

Vinegar, oil, lemon juice mixture.

Remove scratches

Coffee ground paste for a stunning makeover.

Revive wood

Baking soda, toothpaste solution.

Erase water rings

Image Credit: The Craftsman

Hydrogen peroxide, cream of tartar blend.

Fix discoloration

Image Credit: Architecturesstyle

Coconut oil, baking soda remedy.

Remove sticky residue

Image Credit: Bob Vila

Vinegar, oil, salt revitalization.

Restore worn-out wood

Walnut trick for a flawless finish.

Repair scratches

Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide magic.

Vanish stains

Use coasters, trivets for safety.

Prevent heat marks