Unlock the Power of Vastu: How to Arrange Your Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture for Positive Energy

Yukta Kapoor    July 13, 2023

Place the dining table in the center of the room for balanced energy flow.

Keep the kitchen clutter-free to allow positive energy to circulate freely.

Arrange kitchen appliances in a way that promotes ease of use and functionality.

Ensure proper lighting in the dining area to enhance the atmosphere and positive vibes.

Position the stove or cooktop in a way that it is easily accessible and visible.

Use natural materials for kitchen and dining room furniture for a grounding effect.

Incorporate plants or fresh flowers in the kitchen and dining area for a vibrant energy.

Avoid placing the dining table directly in line with the kitchen door to prevent energy disturbances.

Maintain a clean and organized pantry to attract abundance and prosperity.

Consider the principles of Vastu while selecting colors for kitchen and dining room walls for a harmonious ambiance.