How to arrange living room furniture in small space?

Yukta Kapoor    August 17, 2023

Multi functional

Choose furniture with a dual function, for example storage ottomans.

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Scale matters

In order to prevent overcrowding, opt for small scale pieces.

Zone wise

Divide the room into clear areas for seating, TV, etc.

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Float furniture

To open up space in the middle of the room, place items away from the walls.

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Wall Shelving

To get rid of the floor space you need vertical storage.

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Light Hue

The airy atmosphere of the room is created by light colored furniture and walls.

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Reflect with Mirrors

Hang mirrors to bounce light and add depth.

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Folding options

When not required, folding tables or chairs may be kept.

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Keep it clean

It feels more spacious when there's no Clutter. 

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Balance Layout

Arrange furniture for easy movement and visual harmony.

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